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Free Affiliate Tools

Free Affiliate Tools

If you're looking for a product to promote in the home business, make money online, Internet marketing, get rich quick, or work from home arena then look no further!

My wife and I are the foremost experts on the topic of Website Flipping, this is not our words, even our competitors say this about us.

We've been teaching website flipping as a make money online or work from home business for longer than any other person we know. Our reputation, consistency, and age is what creates our "believe-it-when-you-see-it" high conversions.

We've seen conversions as high as 37% on our offers in the past. Now that's not typical for the average affiliate but we have seen intermediate to advanced affiliates get some crazy numbers!

Here's how easy it is to make money as our affiliate...


Obviously, your job is the easy part. We do all the hard work of actually marketing the product.

Just tell people to go to our website for our free book and we'll take it from there. For your help, we'll reward you with big recurring commissions.

"What Are The Products?"

Front End Product: Website FlippingStart Up Kit

Website Flipping Start Up Kit

This is our lead gen. product that gives a brand new rookie off the streets everything they need to know about getting started with website flipping.

Even someone who knows nothing about making money online can get this package and have the tools + training they need to get started and make their first flip for a couple hundred bucks.

We upsell these customers hard to get them to take our 21 Week Certification Course.

Price: $19.99

Commission: 100%

Conversion %: 7% - 9% on avg.

Sales Page :

Our Core Product: Website Flipping Masters 21 Week Certification

Website Flipping Home Study Course

This is our core product that teaches step-by-step everything we know about website flipping. These customers will learn things like blog flipping, membership site flipping, how to drive traffic, how to increase sales, how to price their sites, and so much more.

This course is 21 weeks long with a new lesson each week getting more and more advanced as each week progresses. Those that complete the course will become certified website flipping masters after passing a graduation test.

Price: $1 Trial For 14 days, Then $97/month Each 30 days Until Completed

Commission: 50% of the $97 payment

Conversion %: 8% on average (trials)

Sales Page :

Backend Product: Website Flipping Masters Home Study Course

Website Flipping Home Study Course

April of 09 we held a sold out $5,000 per head seminar teaching everything anyone needed to know about website flipping. Covering fundamentals and basics all the way up to advaced website brokering tactics.

This is a 9 DVD course that has 8 DVD videos. The video DVD's are playable in any normal living room DVD player. The 9th DVD is a data disc that goes in their computer. On the 9th DVD there are flowcharts and swipe files for the customers to use for their projects.

Price: $497 one time (payment plan available)

Commission: 50% of the $497 payment

Conversion %: 1.1% on average

Sales Page :

"Become A Pampered High Paid Affiliate!"

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